A Thing A Week

Many of you know that I have a million interests, and with quarantine going solid for me in month 5, I’ve had no shortage of time to spend playing violin, taking writing classes, and doing some tech learning and teaching. Each weekend, I’ll be doing a blog post themed “A Thing A Week”, where I will post about my learning journey through a piece of music, writing, tech, or whatever other topic I end up exploring.

My memoir class wrapped up tonight, and in our final class, we discussed ways to continue working and finding inspiration (I really recommend thewriterstudio.com to anyone who wants to take incredible writing classes; they have many options!). One of the things that we learn in all of the classes is how to do close reading as a means of learning to write. The practice is incredible, and through several classes, I feel able to try the close reading method on work outside of class.

This week, I’ll be working on a close reading of the personal essay “On Noise” by Seneca, and I’ll be writing my own personal essay in that style as well. I’m excited to explore this work and post this weekend!