The Past Comes Back

Well. Through a series of unexpected events, a whole chunk of my past came back and hit like a brick today. A piece that I’ve placed neatly away in my mind, like a movie or a dream or a memory. I rarely talk about it, rarely engage with it. Denial stains everything about it. The… Continue reading The Past Comes Back

Ableist Against Myself

I have been chronically ill for 12 years. Even though I’ve cohabitated with my body in varying stages of “physically broken” during this time, I struggled, and still do, to feel comfortable using assistance I need when I need it. Yes, I encourage others to ask for accommodation. Yes, I help my friends and co-workers… Continue reading Ableist Against Myself

Reading the world, slowly

Back in 2015, I had my final inpatient mental hospitalization. That May, I’d experienced the first break-up of my second marriage. I was hurt beyond imagination – we both were. Then there were dramas with my family. Summer of 2015 hit me hard, and I was unsure if I could tolerate my own hopelessness and… Continue reading Reading the world, slowly

The Gate (Nooner)

This poem is after a close reading of the poem The Storm (Bear), by Mary Oliver. I focused intentionally on attempting to replicate the rhythm and meter Oliver chose, as well as other grammatical choices she made, such as tense and sentence structure. Find the poem and my close reading below The Gate (Nooner) New… Continue reading The Gate (Nooner)

Coping Ahead: What to do when you feel like you can’t do anything

This post is about my personal experience with physical health problems, and does not necessarily reflect the unique needs of other individuals with similar issues. I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, and a body that doesn’t cooperate with me as much as I’d like. At the same time, I work a full time job and run my… Continue reading Coping Ahead: What to do when you feel like you can’t do anything

Beauty in the Process

This week, I experienced starting a lot of different types of learning. I am working on obtaining my AWS certification, so studying for that; I also started working on a piece of music and that meant needing to learn how to use a new looper pedal! AND I started writing a new poem. Toward the… Continue reading Beauty in the Process

How To Leave Home

I have chosen to model this poem after the poem Facts by Philip Levine (published in What Work Is). The poem attempts to employ a casual, narrative tone, exploring one large narrative by creating smaller narratives within each stanza. I don’t feel I’ve done the best job, but I have made every attempt to adhere… Continue reading How To Leave Home

On Solitude

I have chosen to model this essay after ‘On Noise’ by Seneca. The essay attempts to employ a casual tone, with plain language, in the casual style of a letter. (reference: People are surprised to find that I am undisturbed by solitude, especially during a pandemic. I cannot see the benefit of being constantly… Continue reading On Solitude

A Thing A Week

Many of you know that I have a million interests, and with quarantine going solid for me in month 5, I’ve had no shortage of time to spend playing violin, taking writing classes, and doing some tech learning and teaching. Each weekend, I’ll be doing a blog post themed “A Thing A Week”, where I… Continue reading A Thing A Week