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Upcoming Events

TSQA 2020: Black Holes and Revelations
StarEAST 2020: Develop and Refine your Company Testing Strategy
StarEAST 2020: Differentiated Management: Building Stronger Teams


From Speaker and Violinist to Software Tester: An Interview
Great Managers are Like Great Teachers
Logigear Feature: Top 9 Viral Posts From Leading Thought Leaders
Linux Format Magazine (July 2018)
PyDev of the Week
Testing Show Testing Podcast

Boards & Volunteering

OWASP Learning Gateway(2017)
PyCon Education Summit (2014 – 2019)


Queensborough Community College


Workshop! StarWEST: Develop and Refine your Company Testing Strategy

Test Automation Strategy: Think Before You Build
Counterplay Denmark 2017: Playful Software Exploration
Protreptic Salon Denmark 2017: Play and Passion


Book-Length Publications
Assessment in the Music Classroom: A Contextual Examination (Doctoral Dissertation, 2015)
Python Projects for Kids (2016)

Testing AI-Based Apps? Think like a human (2019)
Tackle New Challenges with Learning Theory (2019)
Make Your Code Bulletproof with Property Based Testing (2018)
I Taught Myself to Code, and You Can Too
Driving Impact as the Lone Tester in a Small Organization
Everyday Agile Practices for Every Tester
6 Technical Testing Skills that Aren’t Automation
Top Programming Skills for Software Testers
A Mobile Testing Maturity Model
Dealing With Fragmentation in Mobile Testing
Introduction to Mobile Analytics  How Writing a Book helped me Become a Better Tester
Teacher Attitudes toward Assessment in Music (2015)

Talks & Webinars

CAST 2019: My Love Affair with Testing (and you can have one too!) (August 2019)
Heisenbug: Property Testing with Python Hypothesis (May 2019)
Workshop Differentiated Management: Building Stronger Teams (June 2019)
The Lone Tester 2016

Better Communication ( Start at around 7:00 minute mark for best results! #AngryCarl)

PyGotham 2015: ATDD (An oldie and my first Python BDD framework)

CAST 2015: The Art and Science of Questioning Given shortly after a hospital visit in Grand Rapids, this first major talk revealed my nerves, but the dialogue at the end was memorable.

Talks Without Video & Webinars

Skills for Agile Testers Webinar with Test Rail

EuroTesting Conference 2019: How Great Teachers Make Great Managers
STPCon 2015: Conscientious Test Automation
VT Code Camp 2015: Automation with Python, Selenium, and Behave