Jess has given many talks over the past several years on topics intersecting her experiences in education, software development, and music. Jess displays the wide range of topics on which she can deliver talks to international audiences. Scroll further to see full list of talks, including un-recorded talks and webinars.

Recorded Talks and Webinars

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Talks (no video)

TSQA 2020: Black Holes and Revelations
StarEAST 2020, 2019: Develop and Refine your Company Testing Strategy
StarEAST 2020, 2019: Differentiated Management: Building Stronger Teams
StarWEST 2019: Develop and Refine your Company Testing Strategy
EuroTesting Conference 2019: How Great Teachers Make Great Managers
2017: Test Automation Strategy: Think Before You Build
2017: Test Rail: Skills for Agile Testers (webinar)
Counterplay (Denmark 2017): Playful Software Exploration
Protreptic Salon (Denmark 2017): Play and Passion
STPCon 2015: Conscientious Test Automation
VT Code Camp 2015: Automation with Python, Selenium, and Behave