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I’m an enthusiastic engineering leader and educator, passionate about guiding diverse engineering organizations to achieve consistent, reliable, and high quality software delivery. I’m dedicated to fostering and improving learning organizations, always with a focus on engaging and inspiring team members in their personal and professional growth.

Jess is a compassionate leader whose talents stretch beyond being an information conduit. Her ability to relate to others and tailor teaching needs is a force multiplier that raises teams up as one. Jess is a peer leader whose teams have been high-achieving in product and high-satisfaction as colleagues. Her dedication to individual and team growth is an example for others to follow and a high bar to achieve.

Tim YEngineering Leader

Dr. Jess is what they call a “unicorn”. She has the rare skillset of strength in both right-brain and left-brain thinking. Her logical knowledge and experiences are obvious given her technical skillset. But she can also communicate her knowledge to others in a way that they understand. People truly show expertise when they can communicate complicated topics simply. Dr. Jess took her time explaining a technical area to me in a way that I could understand. She was gracious, and positive-minded, and made me feel empowered enough to move forward in a new direction. Often times, just the thought of learning new skills can be scary, let alone learning the skill itself. I would highly recommend Dr. Jess as an educator and coach for her abilities to communicate efficiently, her mastery of technological content, and her overall can-do and infectious attitude.

Dr. Sara Kubik, PhD, JD, MBAData Scientist

Along with an innate intelligence and keen perception, Jess is an extremely hard worker and conscientious mentor and manager. She always went to bat for her direct reports; worked hard to network above and forge healthy and important relationships; and, above all, is forthrightly honest and inherently approachable. Jess is extremely passionate and knowledgable about testing and teaching, and it shows. Her writing and presentation skills are excellent, as well.

Dina G.Software Quality and Documentation

Jess is an exceptional human being and an effectual manager and colleague who is gifted at uplifting individual contributors and positioning them for professional success while shielding them from the burdens of management. Jess fosters an environment that results in cohesive teams that readily deliver solutions of the highest quality. She is equally adept at mentoring colleagues to become their best selves in an organization.

Mary H.Accessibility Specialist

Dr.Jess and I have worked together to develop the Coding Academy at the Teens College Summer Academy at Queensborough Community College. She has inspired many a coder- and she continues this course throughout the year with many repeat students who want more and learn more as they move forward with their own personal goals. We recently collaborated towards an adult student Web Development course that is a series of classes that will help the adult student create a final portfolio that will be a representation of their work for recruiters. If that wasn't enough, Dr. Jess will be teaching music to young adults that will create an ensemble for proud parents to listen to! My work with Dr. Jess seems to be that whatever or whomever's vision we seek to materialize, it gets done. And the best part is seeing the students thrive; we believe in an inclusive setting so there are many definitions of success in our eyes. Thanks Jess!

Jacqueline Montgomery, M.A.D.S.

Jessica is one of the most dedicated and creative professionals I have ever known. She is practical and honest about the challenges in education; but manages to make you feel like you can help solve the world's problems. Any time you can her Jessica speak or read her work, you should do it.

Julianna U.Educator, Parent

As someone who was my teacher for 4 years and a great friend for the past 10 years I say this with the highest reccomendation... Jessica inspired me to want to give back to the youth, she worked in a challenging environment and always made time to get to know her students personally and help in any way she can . Even until this day I reach out to her for advice and wisdom and remember the many lessons she taught me. In any endeavor I am sure she will take on the challenge and produce more than expected. She is like myself and never content always looking to improve and grow but not just herself but whoever surrounds her.

I am a big believer in the energy you put into the world is the same that you get back and Dr. Ingrassellino's positive attitude always inspired me.

Jalai D.School Counselor, Coach, Former student