Differentiated Management: Build Stonger Teams

Differentiated Management
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Workshop – Differentiated Management
Hiring and team-building are two significant issues faced by every software manager or director. But what happens once you have hired your dream team? How do you keep valued members on board and help struggling members to become better, all while continuing to manage your organization and meet deliverables?

I have developed the Differentiated Management strategy from reading and research in education and psychology, as well as practicing these methodologies within my own quality and engineering teams. The Differentiated Management strategy is informed by Differentiated Instruction (Carol Ann Tomlinson) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (Dr. Marsha Linehan). Combining both of these disciplines in the software and quality management context results in teams that are psychologically safe, high-performing, and able to withstand the challenges and rigors of technological work.

During this highly interactive workshop, you will learn how to differentiate content, process, and products of your team by learning more about the readiness, interests, and lived experiences of each team member. You will participate in role-playing and discussion, and will work as a team to practice each of these skills.

The workshop will wrap up with a discussion as participants share their problems and apply differentiated management strategies with the help of others on their team. You will leave with strategies to help you build stronger teams by enabling every team member to participate in their success.

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